おはようございます!(日本時間)日曜日というのに今日もいつも通りお仕事です! 今は休憩中。今日も自分の古い曲の紹介です。2016年にまとめたものを中心に。「こういうの好きなんですよ!」という意味でつけたLike it,so.というSong Book 。そのTITLE曲1曲目。ぜひお聴きください!(旅系番組BGMなんかで需要があって使っていただいたりありがたい限り)

Good morning! (Japan time) I am still working as usual today on Sunday. I am taking a break now. It is introduction of my old music today. Mainly what was put together in 2016. Like it, so. Put in the meaning of “I like this!” Song Book. That TITLE song 1 song. Please listen by all means! (As long as there is a demand for a travel program BGM or something and thank you for using it)

SongBook = It is a summary of the occasion. I just want to say cool