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これも懐かしい♬ Sさんに想い出シェアしていただきました♬  (FACEBOOKの更新を最近さぼっているんですが・・・) ありがとうございます! またやりたいですねぇ♬

紹介は [Sweet Home Chicago] 2018-07-22

やる気満々でリハーサルで披露! その時点でネタバレしたなぁ、とも思ったんですけどね。

なぜなら。 皆さんがチョイスして披露されていた「お祝いソング」が「あまりにもちゃんとしていた」ので。 


This is also a nostalgic habit.Mr. S shared memories of the session ♬(I recently watched FACEBOOK’s update recently. Excuse me …)Thank you! I want to jam again [Sweet Home Chicago] 
This JAM was held at a music cafe-like shop in Okazaki city, called “FunkyGoodTime”.
It is a music event to celebrate the birthday of the 60th birthday.
Local music friends and seniors gathered.
The name of the project is “2018-07-22-Utama no SESSION”.
It is a video recording when I participated in the project.
(This group seemed to be a mother of the A Music University’s light music club graduates.)
The event sponsor MR. Makino has made a request in advance to show off the festive song on the day!
Of course it’s my strength and self-righteousness and my hobbies to be quick to create songs is a mast and a LOL
We made songs for the 60th anniversary that are rather “comedies” related to birthdays.
Of course, I am motivated to conduct rehearsal!
I thought that I was spoiled at that point, though.
“The other party” to present was also on the spot LOL
Furthermore I did not do it in the production. Because. Because the “celebration song” that everyone was showing off was “too good”. As it is, bringing it to comedy from here …. That’s why I decided to sing a proper song (a song called “the setting sun”). My heart was very weak and I am sorry
I would like to show you again if I have a chance.



1)Sweet Home Chicago Cover  by Robert Johnson  5:47
2)夕陽 LIVE in Funky Good Time, Okazaki Sun 3:45
3)Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight(Cover) Sun Session on Piano 4:54
4)Eric Clapton – Have you ever loved a woman(Cover) Sun Session on Piano 7:54
5)Eric Clapton – Key to the highway (Cover) Sun Session on Piano 7:19
6)Sweet Sweet Surrender (Cover BBA) 7:15
7)Feelin’ Allright  Sun 7:55
8)Feelin’ Allright  Sun|Hiroshi Sugita 岡崎での一コマ その1 0:53
9) Mustang Sally 6:16
10) G SOLO| Mustang Sally|Hiroshi Sugita 岡崎での一コマ その 0:44
11) I Feel The Earth Move -Cover CAROLE KING  3:07
12) 星に願いを|西村 理帆 | 5:50
13) What A Wonderful World 萩原友味せんぱい。with Miho Maeda(Piano) 3:49
14) Rose -Yumi & Tatsu – 5:13

2018-07-22 FunkeyGoodTime